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National Identity Protection Center is dedicated in providing you with the highest quality of protection to you and your family. With the protection that NIPC gives, you won't have to worry about your personal information being compromised. Our experts are constantly committed in providing comprehensive technology that continuously monitors and keeps your identity free from risk. With Identity Theft being the fastest growing crime today, now is the time to join National Identity Protection Center, and have your mind at ease.more »
Identity Theft Victim Testimonials
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Sandra Johnson-Lakeland, FL

"I was the victim of identity theft and unfortunately it took that to make me realize how important an identity theft protection plan is. Since then, I have joined NIPC and now feel secure and safe knowing that my family and I are protected from identity theft."

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Carl Williams- Indianapolis, IN

"I joined NIPC to keep my family safe.  A few weeks after I joined someone tried to open a credit card in my name. Thanks to NIPC, I was alerted right away and was able to stop the offender before too much damage was done."

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Susanne Griffin- Sacramento, CA

"After my purse was stolen, I felt like I would never get my life back. With the help of NIPC and their Identity Theft Restoration, they helped me place fraud alerts on all my accounts, notify my bank and continuously watched for any new threats. NIPC gave me and my family a peace of mind"